A desktop prototyping solution for a fast-paced design firm

10xBeta is an international team of designers and engineers who together have initiated, accelerated, and commercialized a diverse range of venture-backed and self-funded products. As a fast-moving hardware product design firm, 10xBeta builds products within a broad spectrum of categories – from consumer infant products to medical devices and lifestyle technology.



High-performance, day-to-day prototyping and client communication tool

"UltiMaker as a device manufacturer has reached the inflection point where its desktop units are perfectly sized to fabricate relevant-sized objects, and their resolution is superior to machines that cost many multiples more."

Marcel Botha, 10xBeta Co-Founder and CEO


Challenge and solution


A fast-moving hardware product design firm like 10xBeta serves clients working in a broad spectrum of product categories – from consumer infant products to medical devices and lifestyle technology. Given the tough, diverse challenges that arise with each project, selecting an in-house digital fabrication technology that can keep pace with day-to-day prototyping and client communication needs can be like trying to hit a moving target


10xBeta has experimented with desktop 3D printers for almost a decade now, taking advantage of many technologies and vendors. When they added a cluster of UltiMaker desktop 3D printers to their offices in 2014, the concept of additive manufacturing was not new to them. However, the machines’ level of precision, range of materials, and ease of use set UltiMaker apart from its peers and made the process of adapting to UltiMaker solutions very smooth




Product development schedule optimization

Having an in-house UltiMaker printer allows the team to communicate about design directions with clients in parallel with solving electronics and engineering challenges.

Easy onboarding for new staff

Thanks to easy operation and peer-to-peer support, 10xBeta can train new team members to use the UltiMaker's as needed, offering these tools to the entire team, regardless of roles

Expanded product development usage

From the earliest concept models to the printed parts included in the final product delivery, the 3D printers have proved to be useful in roles beyond the scope of a “rapid prototyping” tool.

Cost optimization and innovation

Without relying on more expensive processes, the 10xBeta team can accomplish iterative development at the fraction of the cost, achieving unparalleled innovative design.