Brilliance Laser Ink Stainless Steel Black Metal Ink Aerosol

$ 60.00

$ 60.00

Stainless Steel Black Metal Ink Aerosols

  • HIGH QUALITY BLACK MARK-BLI101MBAS12 is a general purpose laser marking black ink to create high quality permanent black mark on variety of different metals.
  • 12 oz Aerosol spray can similar size to a regular spray paint can.
  • BLI101 is an exceptionally adaptable product and is recommended for almost any metal.
  • Dries quickly.
  • Best results if marked shortly after application when dry.
  • Extremely easy to wash off after laser marking.
  • Please inquire if Powder and paste form is required.
  • Apply quick and easy just like a paint can, no special training required.
  • Can cover upto 4000 Square inches.(25%more than Competition).
  • HOW TO APPLY: Shake well, Spray 6-8 inches from the substrate surface, apply a thin coat using left to right motion, as long as you do not see through the surface, do not have to overspray.Use the suggested laser settings in our FAQ section as a starting guide line or feel free call our Technical Support Team.
  • BEST VALUE: Proven Anti-Clog, nanoparticle-technology of Brilliance Laser inks that allows 25% more coverage surface area than competition, with a thin coat spray (may need some practice initially).Hence more profits and less spend!!
  • GENERAL GUIDELINES/SETTINGS: Scan QR CODE on product label to see our suggested laser settings in our FAQ section of our website. CO2 LASER - 25 Watt Minimum Required (100% P / 15-30% S / 500-700 DPI). FIBER LASER - 10 Watt Minimum Required (@ 10 Watt PWR / 50 mm/sec / 80-500 Q-Freq. / DPI- 0.1mm Hatch) Low watt Diode Lasers are not recommended.


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