UltiMaker PET Carbon Fiber Expansion Kit

$ 1,025.00

$ 1,025.00

UltiMaker PET Carbon Fiber Expansion Kit

The complete composite printing solution

The PET CF Expansion Kit includes everything you need to start printing high-performance parts on an UltiMaker S series printer so that you can get the full power of carbon fiber composite parts, combined with the seamless workflow and ease of use of the UltiMaker platform.

PET CF Expansion Kit

PET CF Material Properties

Print Core

Spool Weight

Filament Diameter

76 Shore D
(annealed 81 Shore D)

Impact Strength
8.6 kJ/m²
(annealed 5.3 kJ/m²)

Thermal Resistance
(annealed 181°C)

PET CF Printing Applications

Functional Prototyping

Create functional prototypes with high-performance properties including impressive strength, stiffness, and temperature resistance. Use an engineering-grade material for your engineering prototypes.

Tooling and Fixtures

UltiMaker PET CF is the perfect material for your manufacturing needs. It provides the performance and versatility for a wide range of applications: such as jigs, fixtures, and end-of-arm tooling.

Replacement Parts and Auxiliary Components

UltiMaker PET CF is the perfect solution for replacing broken or hard-to-source parts. You no longer need to shut down a production line for days or weeks while waiting for a replacement. Instead, you can print a new part using PET CF, even when you need it to be strong or temperature-resistant.

What's in the box?

Everything you need to start printing high-performance parts on an UltiMaker S7 and S series printer.

Enjoy a seamless composite printing experience thanks to the complete integration of PET CF with UltiMaker S7 printers and S series printers: including NFC-equipped spools, the Print Core CC, and intent profiles in UltiMaker Cura.

The UltiMaker PET Carbon Fiber Expansion Kit includes:
  • 2x spools of PET CF Black
  • 1x spool of PET CF Gray
  • 1x spool of PET CF Blue
  • UltiMaker Print Core CC 0.4
  • UltiMaker Print Core CC 0.6
  • Free Ultimaker Cura software with optimized PET CF annealing slicing features
What's Included in the PET CF Expansion Kit

Excellent Mechanical Properties: With a flexural strength of ~100 MPa and a stiffness of ~6000 MPa, PET CF proivdes excellent mechanical properties, suitable for a wide range of applications.

Color Code Your Carbon Fiber: UltiMaker PET CF comes in three colors: black, gray and blue, all three which are included in this kit.

Low Moisture Sensitifity: Less moisture sensitive other than carbon fiber-based materials.

Enhanced Performance Through Annealing: Annealing your part results in a temperature resistance of 181°C, a 30% increase in strength, and a 10% increase in stiffness.

Compatible with UltiMaker Support Materials: Enjoy full design freedom when printing PET CF in combination with PVA or Breakaway support materials.

Perfectly tuned for UltiMaker S series printer: Complete integration of PET CF with S series printers: including NFC-equipped spools, intent profiles in UltiMaker Cura, and two sizes of CC Print Core, both of which are in this kit.

UltiMaker PET CF Expansion Kit specifications

Filament Diameter: 2.85mm
Colors: Black, Gray, Blue
Printer Compatibility: All S series printers
Print Core: CC 0.4 and CC 0.6
Support Materials PVA, Breakaway and Model Support
Software: UltiMaker Cura 5.4 and Up
Adhesion: Only for large prints, use 3DLAC PLus on S7. Use a thin layer of UHU on S3/S5.
Storage: In a resealable bag with desiccant between 0 and 30 °C and out of sunlight (or in Material Station)
Drying: 70 °C for 4-16 hours dependent on moisture level
Annealing Use annealing intent profile in Cura. Programmable industrial-grade convection oven with well-controlled heating and cooling ramps recommended (such as Binder FP115).
If n/a: anneal at 80-100 °C for 8-12 hours.
Optimize Z-strength:
  • Wall thickness min. 2mm, preferred 4mm or more
  • Avoid strong external air circulation (ventilation, air conditioning)
  • Set "Fan Speed" and "Maximum Fan Speed" to 0% or 5% (note: reduces dimensional accuracy somewhat).
  • If printing multiple models single extrusion: set Cura setting "Print Sequence" to "One at a time".
  • Tip: avoid issues by orienting the model such that the highest mechanical forces are applied to the XY plane.
Health and Safety SDS available
Validated against UL2904
Air Manager recommended

Manufacturer Part Number: 235438

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