Magigoo Pro PC - 3D Bed Adhesion Solution for Polycarbonate

$ 24.99

$ 24.99

No more 3D printing challenges with the Magigoo for polycarbonate! Designed to work exclusively with Polycarbonate filaments -- this adhesive ensures that 3D prints stick firmly to the print-bed when it's hot and pop off easily once the bed has cooled.

Designed Specifically for Polycarbonates

Polycarbonate, also referred to as PC, is an extremely tough and durable thermoplastic ideal FDM material with excellent heat resistance. These properties make Polycarbonate an excellent choice for engineering applications or for any part requiring great strength and durability. The heat resistance of Polycarbonate is both a benefit and hindrance, as this material requires high extrusion and bed temperatures to prevent warping and splitting.

That’s where Magigoo for Polycarbonates comes into play. Directly aimed at addressing the problem of warping, Magigoo PC helps to minimize the effect of printing at insufficient bed temperatures and ensures that prints remain firmly secured to the print surface. Furthermore Magigoo PC has an innovative unique design which means no tools required to remove print essentially boosting productivity.

Non-Toxic and Odorless

This Magigoo stick won't stink up your workspace with nasty chemical smells.


You can get over 100 applications from one 50ml tube of Magigoo.

Easy to Clean Up

Magigoo cleans up with just a damp cloth or water.

Usable on any Surface

Magigoo for Polycarbonate can be used on glass or a multitude of other surfaces. To provide maximum adhesion and prevent printed parts from fusing to surfaces, it is recommended that Magigoo PC be applied to all plastic-based surfaces.

How to Use

- Shake the bottle

- Apply to the desired area by pressing the nib on the bed (activates the inner valve)

- Print according to filament / printer manufacturer recommendation

- Allow to cool and remove. The print should pop right off

- Clean using a damp cloth

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