Mainboard for UltiMaker S5 (R1) - Ultimainboard Olimex Assembly

$ 672.90

$ 672.90

Mainboard for Ultimaker S5 (R1) - Ultimainboard Olimex Assembly

Compatible with:

  • Ultimaker S5 'R1' (2018-2020 version)

Ultimaker Product Number: 210213

If you are experiencing issues with your Ultimaker S5 that requires replacing the mainboard, it is important to note which version of the Ultimaker S5 you have.

In 2020, Ultimaker released an updated version of the Ultimaker S5. The machines are functionally the same, but there are some different parts that are not interchangeable. One of these parts is the main electronics assembly at the bottom of the printer.

Ultiamker S5 R1

Ultimaker S5'R1' (2018-2020 version)
Robot logo on side

Ultimaker S5 R2

Ultimaker S5'R2' (≥2020 version)
U logo on side

Mainboard types

The two main electronics assemblies look quite different and are easy to identify:

Ultiamker S5 R1 mainboard

Ultimaker S5'R1' (2018-2020 version)

This printer type has a mainboard assembly with an Olimex, this is the red-colored board. It also has a red Wi-Fi board on the opposite end.

Ultimaker part number: 210213

Ultimaker S5 R2 mainboard

Ultimaker S5'R2' (≥2020 version)

This printer type has a mainboard assembly with a SOM, this is the green-colored board. The Wi-Fi module (also green) is located next to the SOM.

Ultimaker part number: New Part: 234906
Discontinued Part: 230832

Note: These parts are not interchangeable between the two printers.

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