Next Generation of Epsilon 3D Printers by BCN3D!

BCN3D Technologies is thrilled to announce the launch of the new generation of their Epsilon Series 3D printers. The quintessential Epsilon Series has been a top contender in the 3D printing solutions market since its debut in 2020, and the new generation takes it to the next level with improved performance and capabilities.

The new generation of BCN3D features new and improved electronics, which allow for more efficient printing. BCN3D has made several improvements to its electronics to increase efficiency, including a new ventilation system that extracts hot air from the interior to lower internal pressure, new TMC2226 motor drivers that are more silent and efficient with better engine torque, and a new custom-made main board that is simpler and more efficient. Additionally, the iconic black frame has also been remodeled for a sleeker look, and the chassis has been made more robust to ensure the correct parallelism of the axes.

The new generation of Epsilon Series printers also features XYZ autocalibration, which can reduce printing set-up time from 40 minutes to just 6. The New Generation of Epsilon is capable of autonomously determining optimal calibration without any user intervention. This alignment reduces human error and guarantees proper first layer adhesion every time.

In addition, BCN3D Technologies is introducing the Epsilon Material Bundles, allowing customers to bundle their printer with the BCN3D Fiber & Metal Pack and print a wide range of materials with elite mechanical properties, including thermoplastics, fiber-filled filaments, and metal-filled filaments.

Another noteworthy feature of the new generation is the local network access. This allows users to send files, monitor, pause and cancel print jobs remotely via an internal web server that can be accessed via the printer's local IP address. This new feature greatly enhances the capability of the BCN3D Cloud for those with security concerns. The new BCN3D Cloud Private plan is dedicated to large corporations that must be absolutely certain that their specific privacy and security requirements are being met.

The new generation of Epsilon Series printers is the result of listening to customer feedback and incorporating their suggestions to improve the dependability and performance of the printers. The new generation of Epsilon Series (W50, W27, W50 SC and W27 SC) is available for purchase here on our website.