Slice Engineering Vanadium™ Nozzle

$ 34.99

Orifice Size
$ 34.99

Slice Engineering Vanadium™ Nozzle

  • Hard to the Core - Vanadium™ Nozzles are hardened and tempered to 65 Rockwell C all the way through the substrate, not just on the surface.
  • Crafted from vanadium-alloyed high-speed steel for superior abrasion resistance at printing temperatures, not just at room temperature. Do you print at room temperature? We sure don't.
  • Surface coated with a wear-resistant, plastic repellent coating to keep your nozzle as clean as possible.
  • Forgot what size nozzle you have installed? With the Vanadium™ Nozzle you don't need to know braille, or read a chart, the orifice size is engraved on 3 sides for easy viewing.
  • Compatible with common metric (6 mm) and standard (1/4 in) socket tools for easy installation.
  • The best warranty in the business: a Lifetime Warranty against abrasion
  • 100% Made in USA

Manufacturer's Part Number:
0.2mm: P-VN-NO-0026-0.2
0.3mm: P-VN-NO-0027-0.3
0.4mm: P-VN-NO-0028-0.4
0.5mm: P-VN-NO-0029-0.5
0.6mm: P-VN-NO-0030-0.6
0.8mm: P-VN-NO-0031-0.8
1.0mm: P-VN-NO-0080-1.0
1.2mm: P-VN-NO-0081-1.2
1.4mm: P-VN-NO-0082-1.4
1.8mm: P-VN-NO-0083-1.8

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