KVP - Semper - Flexx98 Filament

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$ 68.97
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Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) is elastic and melt-processable and can be colored through various processes. It is an extremely flexible material that is adaptable to many applications. TPUs are linear segmented block co-polymers composed of hard and soft segments. The soft segment can be either a polyether or polyester type, depending upon the application. Its range of physical properties enables TPU to be used as both a hard rubber and a soft engineering thermoplastic.

Semper-Flexx98 is a Polyester-based TPU with a 98 Shore A hardness, highly crystalline with low warpage and shrinkage, high transparency, excellent for applications that require good compression or are exposed to compressive loading.

Features & Benefits

- Compatible with PVC and other polar plastics
- Unaffected by oils
- Excellent chemical resistance
- Excellent abrasion resistance
- Low warping and shrinkage
- High transparency
- Good compression set
- Good general grade for FDM, easier to print

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