Phrozen Pro Series Beige-Flex Resin 1KG
Phrozen Pro Series Beige-Flex Resin 1KG

Phrozen Pro Series Beige-Flex Resin 1KG


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As part of our standard resin collection, Phrozen’s Beige-Flex Resin has been specially designed for prototyping purposes. With its light color, this resin is also ideal for painting after the curing process. 

Technical Specifications 

Viscosity: 545 cps (25C)
Density: 1.19 g / cm3
Tensile Stress (Break): 40 MPa
Elongation: 50-60 %
Tensile Modulus: 192 MPa
Hardness: Shore 65D
Heat Deflection Temperature @0.45MPa: 100C
Weight: 500g per bottle
XY Resolution: 0.047 mm
Layer Height / Parameter: 10 sec @ 50 um, Delay 3
Ways to Rinse: Use alcohol spray to clean models and dry it by air gun. Do not immerse printed part into alcohol over 30 sec.
Compatible Printer: Phrozen 3D Printer Series
Application: Prototyping


  • Way to Rinse: Clean with alcohol spray with air gun. DO NOT immerse model into alcohol for long time.
  • Use and preserve resins in room temperature, and in dark and ventilated conditions
  • Shake well before each use
  • After printing, please keep used resins in a closed & opaque bottle. Avoid mixing used resin with a new resin.
  • Keep resin away from kids and away from direct sunlight exposure
  • Wear gloves and masks during operation of resins. Wash with plenty of water if you get direct skin contact or eye contact with resins.
  • DO NOT dump resin. Please cure it and treat it as general plastic garbage.
  • After receiving your Phrozen resins, we strongly recommend you finish it as soon as possible as unopened resins only have a shelf life of one year
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