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Nylon is used to make clothes. In fact, polyamides are most used for synthetic fibers in clothing. Nylon can also be used to make other materials, such as parachutes, ropes, string for tires, carpets, fishing nets and cloth and socks. Nylon was invented by Wallace Carothers at Du-Pont.

Nylon is also an incredibly useful plastic for applications that actually do require both a plastic material as well as a high melting temperature. It is also incredibly diverse. Nylon can be adapted to a wide variety of uses because of the many different variants in production and the adjustable material properties of these variants resulting from the different materials Nylon can be combined with.

Pros: Impact & water resistant, Dissolvable by L-Limonene

Cons: Relatively low impact strength,

Nylon is natural filament with exceptional resilience and strength for all your 3D printing needs.

Features & Benefits

- Excellent dimensional stability

- Highly abrasion resistant

- Chemical resistance

- Exceptional tensile strength

- Very low friction coefficient

- High flexibility

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