Mosaic Element 3D Printer

$ 6,999.00

$ 6,999.00

Mosaic Element 3D Printer

Notice: Due to the Global Chip Shortage, Mosaic 3D Printers are not expected to start shipping until the end of Q3 of 2023.

Flexible, Reliable, & Intuitive

Best-in-Class 3D Printer for Performance, Uptime,, & Productivity

Experience a new level of 3D printing potential with Mosaic’s new multi-material & multicolor 3D printer.

Element expands on what we’ve learned from Palette and integrates it into a seamless workflow - from an idea to reality. A Palette X within Element makes it possible to print up to 8 materials and colors in a single part. By using CANVAS slicer software, Mosaic Material Pods and Materials, Element automates the entire process.


Print with up to 8 materials in a single part to include rigid materials, flexible materials, and soluble support in your prints.


With an all metal gantry, and a precision motion system, Element was developed with manufacturing level reliability in its DNA.


Access material automation for a simpler experience, and a large build volume to ensure you can print the widest range of parts.

Features and Benefits of the Mosaic Element Include:

  • 350°C hot-end
  • 120°C heated bed
  • Kinematically coupled, modular toolhead
  • Integrated purge container with densifier
  • LED print-status indicator
  • Cloud connected to CANVAS slicer software
  • HIWIN Linear Rails
  • Core XY Kinematics Systems
  • Trinamic Stepper Drivers
  • 1-year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Compatible Materials with the Mosaic Element:

Mosaic Materials used in tandem with Mosaic’s Material Pods allows Element to achieve automated filament management while ensuring long-lasting reusability.

  • Nylon & CF Nylon
  • ABS
  • PLA
  • PETG
  • TPU
  • PVA
  • HIPS

Element will print third party materials as well, only without the benefit of automated filament loading.

Multi-Material Management & Automate Workflow Explained

As mentioned above, using Mosaic Materials and Material Pods with Element allows you to automate your workflow.

Each Material Pod contains a motor which feeds filament from the Pod to Palette X, and onwards to the print head. Unlike our standalone Palette device, Palette X does not splice the materials. The reason for this is that when using multiple combinations of different material types, splicing becomes less reliable. Element, along with Palette X, has full control over material management and therefore does not require splicing. This promotes higher quality prints while also resulting in less material waste.

Element is also cloud connected to CANVAS. This means creating, editing, organizing and slicing your multi-material models and sending them to the printer is extremely easy. What could once take up to an hour or more becomes a process reduced to a matter of minutes.

Element Features

Build Volume

With a build volume of 14” x 14" x 14", you’re able to maximize productivity and print several pieces at once, in different colors and materials.

Multicolor Mastery

Printing in multicolor with Element is just as easy as printing in one. The option to have 8 colors on deck at any time means the possibilities are endless.

Intuitive UI

Element’s cloud connectivity to CANVAS optimizes the user experience and allows full control over your projects conveniently from the printer itself.

Modular Extruder

A modular design makes it easier than ever to remove your print head for repairs or a swap, and reinstalling it is just as simple!

Cloud Connected to Canvas

CANVAS is Mosaic’s simple and easy-to-use slicer software. CANVAS comes free for a single user and CANVAS TEAMS will be available for those with a larger workforce, allowing effective collaboration.

Benefits of Canvas:

  • Perfect for one material, built for multi-material.
  • Set accesses for everyone on the team, from Owners to Contributors.
  • Apply color, logos, serial numbers and more directly to your single file 3D models by digitally painting in CANVAS.
  • Share, Save, organize, and track your print settings in the cloud for yourself or with the team.
  • Monitor your prints from home, or anywhere, using Element’s webcams connected to CANVAS.

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