Modix BIG-120Z V3 3D Printer

$ 7,450.00

$ 7,450.00

Modix BIG-120Z V3

Large Build Volume, Premium Components, Affordable Price
Print Volume of 600 x 600 x 1,200mm

The Modix BIG-120Z V3 3D printer is a unique 3D printer that allows you to print incredibly tall objects in one piece and reduce the post processing time. The BIG-120Z is a perfect match for the needs of visual communication, interior design, art, mannequins, props, entertainment, and engineering.

BIG-120Z Specifications

  • Printing Technology: FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication)
  • Assembly Level: Self assembly kit
  • Print Volume (XYZ): 600 X 600 X 1,200mm
  • Machine Size (WxLxH): 906 x 1,060 x 2,000mm
  • Shipping Weight: 160kg (depending on add-on selection)
  • Warranty: Price includes 12 month warranty & lifetime support (Warranty does not include degradables, PEI sheet & nozzles, and consumables)

What's Included

  • 3D Printer Frame & Bed
  • Primary Printhead
  • Duet3D WiFi 32-bit Controller Board
  • All Required Electronics
  • Z-Axis Guides (HIWIN Linear Rails)
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Lifetime Support

Tour The BIG-120Z

Life-scale 3D printing.
Top lid for easy print head access and maintenance.
PEI sheet on the build plate prevents warping and allows for easy print removal once cooled.
Dual print head for printing with support material.
A professional use interface including a 7-inch touch screen and web-access (WiFi) from your computer.
Eye-level monitoring.
Artist use case, printing life size objects.
Demonstrated at Formnext 2019.
Demonstrated at Formnext 2019.

Key Features

Rigid Aluminum Chassis

All Modix 3D printer chassis and frames are built using solid 40x40 T-Slot aluminum profiles. This high quality frame material gives you the rigidity necessary to print accurately and reliably over the entire build volume of even Modix's biggest printers.

A 3D printer is only as strong as its joints, and the Modix team knows it. All of the Modix large format 3D printers are held together with powder coated laser cut aluminum brackets & joints. These custom made pieces are capable of keeping every joint strong and square with every change of direction of the printhead.

Powerful 3D Printer Controller

Modix V3 3D Printers are all equipped with a Duet 2 WiFi Controller Boards. The Duet 2 is a top-of-the-line 3D printer controller board with a powerful 32 bit processor. You can control up to 5 stepper motors, including 2 extruders, with the boards built-in, super quiet TMC2660 stepper drivers. And you can control everything right from your computer with the board's built in WiFi functionality.

Touchscreen Interface

The Modix BIG-120Z comes with a 7-inch Duet3D touchscreen which is integrated directly with the Duet 2 controller board. The custom-made 7-inch color touchscreen has an 800x480 pixel resolution and integrated high-speed slots for both SD cards and USB. Even though Modix printers can be fully remotely controlled with your computer or even your phone, you don't need to with the full-function touchscreen.

Precision Motion System

Modix has built their entire motion system for precision and accuracy.

  • Precision HIWIN Linear Rails for Z-axis
  • Four Z ball screws for Z axis 12mm diameter, 4mm pitch
  • 9 mm width Gates GT2 timing belt, reinforced with fiberglass
  • Axis Motors: Motech Nema 17 60mm length MT-1705HS200A | Holding Torque: ( | Current / Phase: 2.00A
  • Position accuracy: X-10 Micron, Y-10 Micron, Z-0.5 Micron
  • Print speed – Normal quality 60 mm/sec, Draft 100 mm/sec, Calculated for 0.4 nozzle. Larger nozzles normally print slower but provide parts much faster due to a reduced number of layers (thicker layer = lower resolution = faster results)

High-Quality Print Bed

High quality, low-warp print beds are incredibly important for large format 3D printers. That is why Modix only sources incredibly high-quality parts for their printbeds.

  • 6.35mm thick, Alcoa Mic6 milled cast aluminum plate, made in the USA
  • 1,370 Watt AC powered bed heater (Requires additional independent 15A AC source)
  • Dual heating zones, inner 200X200mm size for small objects and lower power consumption
  • Max temperature: 120°C
  • Print surface: PEI film with 3M high temp adhesive sheet (Modix Magnetic PEI Build Platform upgrade available)

Auto Bed Leveling

Auto bed leveling is a must for large format 3D printers. It is almost impossible to level a 600x600mm bed by hand, yet alone the meter by meter print bed on the BIG-Meter. That is why every Modix 3D printer comes standard with a BL Touch auto bed leveling sensor. On the Big-120Z, level your bed once to create a 100 point mesh that is kept in the controller memory. Then that memory is accessed before every print so that your print starts smoothly.

  • BL Touch auto bed leveling probe
  • Bed leveling mesh stored in controller memory and accessed before each print
  • Bed leveling mesh: 100 points


All Modix printers come standard with a direct drive e3D Aero Extruder for the primary extruder. You can also add a secondary extruder for dual extrusion that uses the same extruder. Modix just released a new series of print head called the Griffin printhead. The Griffin uses custom made Bondtech BMG extruders. Find all of the available printheads for Modix printers below.

Available Printheads

e3D Aero Specs

  • Drive Type: Direct Drive
  • Drive Gear Ratio: 3:1
  • Drive Gear Style: Single
  • Stepper Motor: Nema17 40mm

Bondtech BMG Specs

  • Drive Type: Direct Drive
  • Drive Gear Ratio: 3:1
  • Drive Gear Style: Dual Drive
  • Stepper Motor: Nema17 40mm


Modix offers a wide variety of hotends to meet your printing needs. Every Modix printer comes with a standard Volcano Hotend by e3D. This hotend allows you to print around 3x faster than with a traditional hotend. If you want to print even faster, Modix also offers a SuperVolcano Hotend by e3D, which can print around 11x faster than a traditional hotend. For more intricate details, the Modix V6 Hotend by e3D is offered. Finally, Modix released the new Griffin Hotend for higher reliability and allowing you to change the entire filament heating subsystem. Check out all of the options below.

Available Hotends

Open-Source Software & Firmware

Modix 3D printers all come with open-source Duet RepRap firmware. This firmware is developed and supported directly by Duet3D, the manufacturer of the Modix controller board. This firmware allows you to easily create multiple configurations. You can also easily customize using a macro system.

Modix accepts generic g-code, allowing you to use open-source slicers. Modix recommend Simplify3d, but you can also use Slic3r, Cura, and many other programs. Modix also provides specific configurations for settings.


Modix is an open-material platform that uses 1.75mm 3D printer filament. That means that you can use any brand of filament you want, not locking you into a specific brand. This gives you the flexibility to use the filaments that you like and try out fun and exciting new materials.

Modix's printheads support most existing 3D printer filaments including PLA, ABS, PETG, TPE & TPU (Flexible), Nylon, HIPS, CPE, PVA, PHA, Carbon Fiber Composites, Fiberglass Composites, Wood, Copper, Brass, Magnetic and more!

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