Harz Labs Dental Soft Pink Resin - 1kg

$ 172.99

$ 172.99

Dental Pink

Designed for dental demonstration models of gingiva with yellowish pink color. Tough, glossy and stable to deformations

Dental Pink resin is PMMA-like resin, made of biocompatible raw materials, with gum semi-transparent color. It has high hardness 87 Shore D and high tensile strength, stable to mechanical stress. Recommended for printing of dental model of gum color such as Gingiva mask. Low odor and absence of harmful monomers allows to print in the laboratory

Odorless and Safe

Resin does not contain solvents and volatile monomers, irritating compounds. No fumes, odor and allergic reaction, can be used in lab or even at home


Produced from bio-compatible raw material used in photopolymer teeth fillings

Low Shrinkage

Shrinkage less than 0.5% gives you the same size like 3D model on your computer and it doesn't change size after postcuring


The resin has relatively low viscosity. It decreases time for leveling, easy to clean to provide maximum accuracy at minimum time

Unique Mechanical Properties

Very high hardness, tensile strength, abrasion and scratch resistance due to ceramic fillers

High Chemical Resistance

Resin is stable to solvents, aggressive inorganic media like acids and alkalies

Composition Stability

Pigments and fillers are well stabilized, no sedimentation and flocculation occur and no foam appears

Compatible Printers


Appearance: Opaque liquid

Color: Semi-transparent pink

Odor: Odorless

Viscosity according to Brookfield: 1.0-1.2 Pa*s

Tensile Strength: 60 N/mm2

Elongation at break 3-4%

Hardness Shore D: 87-90

Shrinkage: <0.5%

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Dental Pink MSDS

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