gMax 2 PRO - Heated Build Plate Set w/ SSR

$ 495.00

$ 495.00
gMax 2 PRO big 3D printer buildtak

Industrial Glass Fiber Reinforced Composite Heated Bed

The glass fiber reinforced heated bed provides a great print surface for all types of filament.

Made of a custom laser cut BuildTak G10FR4 composite heated build surface for excellent thermal stability even at high temps combined with an 800 Watt heated pad. The bed is controlled by the printer via an external Solid State Relay (SSR) with PID tuning and fuse protection.

gCreate gMax 2 PRO large 3D printer buildtak build plate

The result is a bed that combines the thermal stability of glass and the resilience of aluminum for a perfect heating cycle. You can adjust temperatures per layer, fine tune the heating cycle and turn off the bed remotely with the gTouch Controller.

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