Funmat Pro 410 3D Printer - Intamsys

$ 29,999.00

$ 29,999.00

    Funmat Pro 410

    A Multiple Functional Materials All-in-One Solution

    The FUNMAT PRO 410 is an industrial additive manufacturing 3D printer designed and manufactured by INTAMSYS.

    For the very first time, the INTAMSYS FUNMAT PRO 410 features a dual extruder which operate in a large 305 x 305 x 406 mm build chamber (12 x 12 x 16 inch).

    The 500°C Max. hotend temperature, 160°C Max. heatbed temperature and 90°C Max. chamber temperature, provide a no warping and cracking printing of big size functional materials.

    The FUNMAT PRO 410 is a Multiple Functional Materials 3D printer (PEEK, PEKK, PPSU, ULTEM, ABS, PC and much more). A linear guide and a high performance oriental motor ensure a high speed and a high precision.

    For an optimum comfort of use, nozzles can be cleaned automatically, a filament absence warning system is included, status are indicated by a LED system while an inside camera provides you with a live observation how the printing process.

    Push the boundaries and start printing now with our brand new FUNMAT PRO 410 !



         Dual nozzle 3D printing solution

        Smart design for continuous production

        High speed high precision 3D printing

        Heated chamber

        Sensor assisted automatic leveling

        Multiple functional materials

           High safety standards

          Comfortable and easy-to-use interface






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