Bison 1000 DLP Printer - TETHON 3D

$ 19,995.00

$ 19,995.00

Desktop DLP printer, intended for use with Tethon 3D Bison ceramic and metal resin materials. Allow 2 weeks for delivery.


 Light Engine

- 405nm UV LED

- Pixel size (X/Y) 57μm

- Resolution FHD 1920x1080

- Optimized for high load ceramic materials

- Adjustable intensity for full range of materials

Build Plate

- Build size 110x60x138mm

- Layer thickness 25,50,100μm

- Improved surface for better part adherence

Heated Vat 

- Reduces resin viscosity

- Faster print time

- Accepts high load materials for improved part quality and strength

- Controllable heat temperature

- Full liter capacity for full scale printing without adding resin

- Reduced separation force to facilitate part separation

Vat Film

- Increased durability, scratch and tear resistant

- Reduced cloudiness

- Easy replacement

- Affordable

Camera + App 

- Remote monitoring

Interior Lights

- Allows for monitoring print status in dark after hours setting


- USB file loading

- 22GB HD internal storage

- Ethernet internet connectivity

LCD Screen

- Easy to read large size, 85x155mm
Fully adjustable print settings, attachments, lift height and speed
Rapid file change



File Format

- .stl, .obj, .amf


- Editable shape and structure

- Multiple view modes for optimal placement

Hollow Shell Part 

- Reduced material use

- Improved ceramic sintering

- Lattice fill supports for hollow print

Hardware G-code

- Editable

Shrink Wrap

- Model repair, especially good for scanned models

Processing Power 

- Accepts extremely large Mb files


Unpacking Your Bison 1000

Printer & Accessory Checklist
1. Bison 1000
2. Adapter
3. Power Cable
4. USB Drive (Includes Tethonware software)
5. Resin Tray (In Printer)
6. Build Plate (In Printer)
7. Wide Scraper
8. Nitrile Gloves
9. Silicon Scraper
10.Rubber Scraper
11. Back Door Key

● Remove Straps from side of printer box.
● Carefully lift the top section of the box straight up until clear of
● Accessory box on top includes the power cable, adapter, USB
Drive, Nitrile Gloves, Back Door Key, multiple scrapers. Set Aside
● Carefully lift out and place Bison 1000 on level surface. The feet of
the printer can also be adjusted to make level.
Pro Tip: Save your box and packaging to safely transport printer in the

Setting Up Your Printer
Remove protective plastic covering and Styrofoam from inside printer.
Plug in provided power cable to your Bison 1000 and then connect to a
power outlet.
Flip switch to on position and press the power button on the front of the
Pro Tip: Never turn off printer via the switch on the back of your Bison 1000.
If necessary, hold down the power button on the front for 10 seconds to shut
down your machine.

Before printing
Make sure the resin tray is in place and secured down by the two latches on
the sides
Insert the build plate into place, handle facing forward, and tightening the
knob on the top.
Before printing make sure the resin tray is in place before installing the
build plate and after printing remove the build plate before removing the
resin tray to prevent spilling.
Install Tethonware from USB Drive provided with your printer onto your

● Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) is a flammable substance. When not in
use keep in a closed container and out of the reach of children.
● Use caution when removing print from build plate. Metal scraper
can slip and cause a nasty ouchie.
● Always wear nitrile gloves and safety glasses when handling
resin. Wash resin off of skin with plenty of soap and water.
● Do not look directly into the projected UV light.
● When providing maintenance to the Bison 1000 always shut off
and unplug from the power source. Never open up the printer
while it is still plugged in.
● Make sure to not overfill the resin tank as the build plate will
displace the resin further. Resin the spills over may damage the printer.

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