BCN3D PVA Filament - 500g - Natural
BCN3D PVA Filament - 500g - Natural

BCN3D PVA Filament - 500g - Natural


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PVA (Polyvinyl alcohol) is a water-soluble thermoplastic, widely adopted as a support material for FFF 3D printers. Optimized for the FFF manufacturing process, our PVA is compatible with most of BCN3D filaments and can be easily printed to create the support and then dissolved with ordinary water.

PVA supports allow to achieve better surface quality, to orientate the part to get better mechanical properties and even to print multi-component models and mechanisms.

Compatibility: Find out the BCN3D printers and filaments compatibility


  • Exceptional adhesion with PLA
  • Also great in combination with PET-G, TPU and Nylon
  • Water-soluble supports for partially enclosed cavities and complex geometries
  • Sacrificial moulds
PVA support
BCN3D Filaments

BCN3D Filaments

Industrial-grade materials manufactured by BASF and Mitsubishi Chemical and designed to deliver outstanding results for BCN3D printers.


  • Improved thermal stability to avoid jamming and degradation issues
  • Dissolves easily with ordinary water
  • Compatible with most 3D printing filaments
  • Better printability
  • Moisture sensitive
  • Biodegradable


How to Print

Printer Settings

extruder temp icon

Extruder temp.

210° C - 230° C

Bed temp icon

Bed temp.

60° C

cooling fan icon

Cooling fan


speed icon



layer height icon

Min. layer height


For BCN3D Stratos users:

Get a proper printing profile for PVA using the ones integrated into the BCN3D Stratos.

Bed adhesion:

To ensure good bed adhesion use Magigoo.


  • Store it in an airtight container with desiccant.
  • Dry filament before printing. Place it in an oven or in a dehydrator at 50ºC for 6 to 8 hours.
  • Clean the hotend after you’ve used PVA, before starting printing with other materials.



Print complex parts

Exceptional surface quality in-contact with the support and easy removal of the support in difficult-to-reach geometries.


Print large overhangs

Our PVA has been specifically formulated for working as a support material for PLA, PA, TPU and PET-G so now you are able to print mechanical parts with support structures.


Orient parts to get better properties

When printing with PVA, you are able to orient your model in any possible way to customize its strength or your aesthetic requirements.