MakerBot - METHOD X RapidRinse Filament
MakerBot - METHOD X RapidRinse Filament

MakerBot - METHOD X RapidRinse Filament


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MakerBot - METHOD X RapidRinse Filament - 450g

Tap Water Soluble Support Material

Print dimensionally accurate ABS parts with the ease of PLA. Print your parts with confidence in ABS-R and RapidRinse. Drop your part into tap water and watch the supports dissolve to nothing in just minutes.

Printer Compatibility: MakerBot METHOD X & METHOD X Carbon Fiber Edition.
Material Compatibility: MakerBot ABS-R
Extruder Compatibility: MakerBot 2XA Extruder

Manufacturer Product Code: 375-0063A

Why Use MakerBot ABS-R with RapidRinse Tap Soluble Support Material?

Benefits & Applications of MakerBot ABS-R with RapidRinse


  • Removes the need  for a washtank - lowering the level of investment and hazard
  • Ability to add a Clean Air System to ensure optimal air quality
  • STEM Classes
  • Simulation of real world engineering problem solving
  • Product development classes
  • Advanced technical school or university-level projects

Professionals & Businesses 

  • Complete industrial ABS workflow within a purchasing card budget
  • Prototyping - Especially when the final product will be injection molded ABS
  • Jigs and fixtures that do not need NCF rigidity but accuracy and complexity are critical

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