Artec Space Spider + Eva - Education Bundle - 3D Scanner

$ 38,358.00

$ 38,358.00

Educational discounts are only available for educational facilities. Please note that if you are not an education facility you can not purchase education packages. The offer does not include delivery, training, installation or local taxes where applicable. Artec Studio licenses provided with Educational Packages as a free pack cannot be resold/transferred to other users.


If you are looking for an innovative and captivating teaching solution, look no further! Artec 3D scanners, paired with advanced 3D scanning software, offer a new, fun and interactive learning experience. With the ability to quickly capture 3D data from almost any object, these tools are a great way to make sure that teaching will be cutting edge and interactive.

Artec 3D scanning solutions are designed to be versatile, powerful and easy to use. Thanks to their many automated features, including autopilot mode and powerful tracking, even small children can use the devices to make high resolution 3D models.

3D scanning in the classroom encourages «hands-on» learning by bringing any object to life, ensuring maximum engagement in the process. Visualise complex concepts and create an unforgettable experience for students with the newest, most advanced 3D scanning technologies. Architecture, engineering, medicine, art, design and CGI — whatever the subject, using 3D scanning makes it more real and interesting, boosting knowledge and creativity to the max.

And most important of all, 3D scanning in schools and universities gives students the unique opportunity to acquire new, in-demand skills, broadening their opportunities and giving them a head start in the workplace.

Duo of professional 3D tools available at a special discounted price.

The perfect package for mass production, industrial design & more.

Artec Eva and Space Spider are the ideal 3D scanners for professional use. Unrivalled in their scanning quality, they are proven to scan fast and in very high resolution, while being easy to use.

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A tried and tested product used in a wide range of industries
Artec Eva and Space Spider are used in countless
industries, including quality control, the automotive
industry, medicine, heritage preservation, computer
graphics, design, forensics, education, reverse engineering
and architecture.

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