Fun To Do - Pigment Set

$ 19.89

$ 19.89

The FunToDo Pigment Set is used for self-coloring the photopolymer resin in the desired color. To obtain the desired shade, mix the pigments with each other in any proportion.

The kit includes 4 pigments of 20 ml. This will be enough to stain up to 50 kg of photopolymer. As an example, we use only 4 ml of coloring pigment to get a saturated and opaque color of Standard Blend photopolymer.

What's in the box?

- FunToDo pigment, red (20 ml)

- FunToDo pigment, blue (20 ml)

- FunToDo pigment, yellow (20 ml)

- FunToDo pigment, black (20 ml)

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