Fun To Do Standard Blend Resin - Black 1kg

$ 69.00

$ 69.00

FunToDo Standard Blend is a low-cost, high-quality photopolymer for multipurpose 3D printing with high polymerization speed. This resin is compatible with almost all possible varieties of DLP / LED 3D printers. FunToDo SB has a high polymerization rate.

Add pigment to the standard blend polymer in a natural color to get the desired shade. Get a signature pigment kit and mix in any proportion.

Packing: 1 kg
Color: Red or Black (opaque), Natural (translucent)
Fragrance: No pronounced odor
Brookfield Viscosity: 100 mPa * s at 25 ° C
Shore hardness D: 35
Density: 1.02 g / cm³
Shrinkage: <0.5%
Z axis resolution (layer height): 20 to 200 microns
Illumination spectrum: from 225 to 415 nm
Storage conditions: 10 ° C 40 ° C, in a dark and dry place
Flushing: 40-60% ethanol, isopropanol or TEK1960

What's in the box?
FunToDo Standard Blend NXT GEN photopolymer



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