Shaper Origin

$ 2,899.00

$ 2,899.00
Shaper Tools Origin

Shaper Origin Gen2

Elevate Your Craft

Shaper Origin is an easy-to-use, handheld CNC router providing portable precision cutting. Work with unparalleled accuracy, flexibility & efficiency.

Approach your projects with ease

Bring digital precision to the craft of woodworking

Work hands on with unparalleled accuracy, flexibility and efficiency.

Intuitive Interface
Intuitive Interface
On-Tool Design
On-Tool Design
Automatic Cut Correction
Automatic Cut Correction

Precise Joinery

shaper origin precise joinary

Combine Origin with Shaper Workstation to cut mortise and tenons, box joints, and other custom joinery with ease and precision.

The vertical and horizontal workholding capabilities of Workstation allow for a range of different projects and the ability to cut tenons at any angle from 0° to 45° with confidence.

shaper origin joinary

Combine Origin’s Box Joint Basic Extension with Workstation to cut precise box joints with ease.

Easy & Intuitive Workflow

Shaper Tools workspace

Set up Your Workspace

Apply ShaperTape and scan your work area. Origin automatically detects and stores your Workspace.

Shaper Tools design

Add Designs

Easily create or import designs; no programming required.

Shaper Tools cutting

Start Cutting

Switch the spindle on and get cutting. Make changes on the fly to adjust for real-world fit.

Unmatched Portability

Shaper Joinery

Bring Origin to the job and work at any scale. Install virtually any hardware or inlay, and route pockets with minimal setup and maximum repeatability.

Combine with Plate – the universal template for Origin – to work on smaller tasks from hardware installation to corner rounding.

Designing for Origin

Set up Your Workspace

Apply ShaperTape and scan your work area. Origin automatically detects and stores your Workspace.

on-tool design

On-tool design

Use Origin to create designs wherever you work. Make adjustments on-site, on the fly, no computer required.



Explore ShaperHub’s continuously expanding catalogue of downloadable hardware and projects.

import designs

Import designs

Work with files from your favorite design software and get cutting faster with quick file transfer through ShaperHub. (USB transfer also available).


origin joinery

Advanced Joinery

Add sophisticated elements and handcrafted details to solid wood projects and custom furn