Bambu Lab AMS - Automatic Material System

$ 349.00

$ 349.00
Bambu Lab Automatic Material System

Bambu Lab AMS - Automatic Material System

If you plan to connect multiple AMS units together, you will need to purchase the AMS Hub.

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  • Multi-Colors/materials Capability
  • Keep Filament Dry
  • Filament Runout & Winding Detection
  • AMS Filament Backup

Bambu Lab AMS Specs

In the Box

  • 1x High Temperature Reusable Spool (made by PC / ABS Alloy Material,no filament is included)
  • 3x Reusable Spool(made by ABS Material)
  • 1x Filament Buffer
  • 1x Bus Cable - 4pin
  • 1x Bus Cable - 6pin
  • 2x Spare Filament Cutter
  • 3x M3*23 Screw
  • 1x 550mm PTFE Tube
  • 1x 370mm PTFE Tube
  • 4x Internal Tube
  • 1x PTFE Tube Connector
  • 1x Instruction Manual
  • 2x Desiccant(inside the AMS

AMS Tech Specs

Product Size 368x283x224 mm
Package Size 445x365x320 mm
Product Weight 2.5 kg
Gross Weight 5 kg
Material ABS
Supported Filament PLA, PETG, ABS, ASA, PET, PA, PC, PA, PP, POM, HIPS and Bambu PLA-CF/ PAHT-CF/ PETG-CF
* Unsupported Filament TPE, TPU, PVA, Bambu PET-CF/ TPU 95A and other brand's filaments that contain carbon fiber or glass fiber
Filament Diameter 1.75 mm
Supported Spool Size width: 50-68 mm, diameter: 197-202 mm

* *Filaments that are too soft, brittle or abrasive are not compatible with the AMS, such as Bambu PET-CF / TPU 95A, and other brand's TPE, TPV, PVA, PET-CF/GF, PA-CF/GF, PAHT-CF/GF, etc.

Color, the ultimate expression of emotions, is brought to you by Bambu Lab's Automatic Material System (AMS). You can now enjoy printing freely in multiple colors and materials.

Each AMS unit comes with 4 Reusable Spools (1 high temperature spool and 3 low temperature spools).

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