xTool M1 Air Assist Set

$ 159.00

$ 159.00

Why Air Assist Set?

Strong Airflow

Strong Airflow for Deeper and Faster Cutting

Clean Surface

Guaranteed Clean Surface

Protect Lens

Protect the Laser Lens

Low Noise

Low Working Noise

Why xTool M1 Air Assit Set?

Simple Switch between 3 Modes

attach discharge

Laser Cutting:

Easily attach and discharge magnetic air nozzle.

Air Assist Holder

Laser Engraving and Blade Cutting:

Store air nozzle in air assist holder.

Tailor Made for xTool M1 and Accessories

iron made

Iron Made, Resist High Temperature

neat arrangement

Neat Arrangement

connect seamlessly

Connect Seamlessly

Parts List

M1 Air Assist Parts List

Manufacturer Part Number: P5010183

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