xTool Laser Material Explore Kit (111 pcs)

$ 119.99

$ 119.99

xTool Laser Material Explore Kit

111 Pieces in 1 Kit

You can use your machine and the material pack to bring your wish list items to life - home decoration, wood items, and more.


  • A must-have material pack with 17 popular materials, 111pcs laser material, and 172pcs of auxiliary tools.
  • Materials in this explore kit are stored in 6 premium kraft paper boxes which help protect the product and keep materials well-organized.
  • Perfect for custom gifts, home decoration, etc.
  • Perfect for getting started with laser devices such as Laserbox and xTool D1.
  • All materials come with recommended parameters that can help you get the ideal craft effect.
  • Use xTool laser products to let you enjoy the fun of creation.

Enjoy the fun of creation!

material creation samples

Manufacturer Part Number: P5020075

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