Wanhao Duplicator 7 V1.5 - GEN 1

$ 700.00

$ 700.00
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Wanhao Duplicator 7 V1.5  - GEN 1

The Wanhao Duplicator 7 DLP is a resin desktop 3D printer made by Wanhao. Duplicator 7 has a build area of 120x68x200mm and a layer resolution capability of 35 microns

The Wanhao Duplicator 7 DLP uses the vat photopolymerisation 3D printing technology. DLP stands for Digital Light Processing. For 3D printing the Wanhao Duplicator 7 DLP selectively cures liquid resin layer after layer in order to build an object. It uses the 395-405 nm wavelength and is compatible with most of the resin materials available on the market.

The Wanhao Duplicator 7 DLP is equipped with a HD LCD screen which offers a 2560 x 1440 pixels resolution. The input is HDMI type. This 3D printer offers a build speed of 15mm-35 mm/Hour.

The New Wanhao Duplicator D7 Version 1.5 Released!

Shipped directly from Wanhao China - Lead time is 7-10 business days

This item is not stocked in our warehouse in Odessa, FL.
If you are wanting to pick up from our location you must pre oder from China and let us know your estimated time of arrival


New In Version 1.5 - Let's Get to It!

Right off, those familiar with the D7 1.4 will see the changed vertical gantry rail. Thats part of the main focus of this version, which addresses a tendency most printers using the single rod system towards "Z Wobble" - periodic lines or "ringing" in printed parts. Users have found ways to correct or minimize this already but naturally, we felt the design needed refinement. The D7, like any other printer model is improving!

Now for the good part!

It's not just the gantry rail! Above we see just how serious the improvements get. The build plate is now machined and polished. The gantry rail has been redesigned to use a sturdier, wider double rod and an aluminum plate block - a vast improvement over the formed sheet style v1.4 and prior that were used.


But wait, there's more!

The Z-Stop needed improvement, and the new method greatly improves its reliability and safety for the LCD in the event the Z-Stop switch fails. The new machined mounting system insures proper alignment of the build plate. To top it off, the vertical gantry cap and bearing has been improved to match the new system. Stronger, Sturdier.



Version 1.4 to v1.5 Upgrade Package Details:

Upgrading existing v1.4's to v1.5 is simple. The package includes everything you need for this. We will also be releasing a video on the University YouTube channel in addition to including instructions with the kit. We offer this upgrade on our website for $75.00 USD!



More photos of the new Duplicator 7 V 1.5




Printing Technology

UV Resin DLP 3D Printer

Max Printing speed

UP TO 35mm/hour

Max Printable Area


Resin Type

405nm UV Resin




Z: 0.004MM

Layer Thickness



12 Kg




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