Wanhao D5 - After Market Heated Bed Kit

$ 109.95

$ 109.95

Wanhao Duplicator 5 Series 3D Desktop Printer - D5S and D5S Mini After Market Heated Bed Kit

Add on Heated Build Plate kit for the Wanhao Dauplictor 5, 5S and 5S printers.

With this you can now print with ABS on youur Duplicator 5.


This heated build plate/platform (HBP) improves model quality by helping to prevent warping. As extruded plastic cools, it shrinks slightly. When this shrinking process does not occur throughout a printed part evenly the result is a warped part. Warping usually occurs at the edges of printed parts which can result in lifted sides/corners.

Printing on a heated bed allows the printed part to stay warm during the printing process and allows more even shrinking of the plastic as it cools below melting point. Heated beds usually yield higher quality prints with materials such as ABS and PLA.

*Please note: This version of the Duplicator 5S heated build plate kit will reduce your available printing area by roughly 100mm in the X-Axis (left-to-right). Temperature controller housing color may vary depending on inventory.



 Extra-flat glass printing surface with beveled edges.

Silicone heating pad with top operating temperature of 99°C.

External temperature controller with independent on/off rocker switch.

Magnet retention for easy installation.

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