UltiMaker Speed Kit

$ 659.60

$ 659.60

Meet the UltiMaker S Series Speed Kit

UltiMaker Speed Kit provides everything you need to 3D print at full speed. Available for a limited time, this includes 2x 0.8 mm print cores for build materials and 2x 0.8 mm print cores for support material. So you spend less time waiting for print jobs and more time iterating with complete design freedom. And so that nothing slows you down, we have added 4x spools of material to keep you printing. Plus, an STL mount to keep your print cores in easy reach.

The UltiMaker S Sereies Speed Kit includes:
  • 2x UltiMaker Print Core AA 0.8mm
  • 2x UltiMaker Print Core BB 0.8mm
  • 2 x PLA filaments (Black)
  • 1x Tough PLA (Blue)
  • 1x Tough PLA (White)
  • Branded STL print core mount

UltiMaker Product Number: 235CFK02

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