UltiMaker Metal Expansion Kit

$ 649.00

$ 649.00

Ultimaker Metal Expansion Kit

The easier, end-to-end stainless steel workflow

Take advantage of a new range of metal 3D printing applications by upgrading the Ultimaker S5 with the Metal Expansion Kit. Its seamless workflow makes creating stainless steel parts easier, more efficient, and affordable.

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3D print your part

Step 1. Print with BASF Forward AM Ultrafuse® 17-4 PH stainless steel filament² to create a “green part”

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Send to post-process

Step 2. Send your green part for post-processing by BASF’s network of certified debinding and sintering services

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Track and receive

Step 3. Track debinding and sintering progress via an online portal, and receive your part back in 10 business days

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Use your metal part

Step 4. Put your finished metal part to use – from small series of tools to auxiliary components

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Freedom to design high-quality steel parts

The Ultimaker Metal Expansion Kit combines 17-4 PH stainless steel with a metal-optimized support material. This offers the freedom to create high-strength parts with complex geometries.

On top of that, Ultimaker Cura 5 includes extra metal FFF features, gives you full control and ensures a more reliable and high-quality result.


Metal parts. Up to 90% cheaper

Reliable metal 3D printing doesn't have to be expensive. The Ultimaker S5's low total cost of ownership and small size makes it easy to adopt and scale an affordable metal 3D printing solution.

Compared to CNC and other additive methods, you can achieve up to 90% cost-savings. And because the Ultimaker S5 can fit on your desk, this solution is easy to adopt and scale based on your need for small series of metal tools and auxiliary components.

swappable print core

Plastic or metal? You decide

Being able to 3D print either plastic or metal on the Ultimaker S5 opens up a wider range of potential applications. Just switch out the print cores to switch between materials!

This gives you the flexibility to 3D print using an even wider range of materials all on one machine – from simple PLA or Tough PLA, to engineering-grade polymers, to stainless steel.

Key Features


What's included

The Ultimaker Metal Expansion Kit includes:

  • BASF Forward AM Ultrafuse® 17-4 PH (1 kg)
  • Ultimaker Print Core CC 0.4
  • Magigoo Pro Metal (50 ml) adhesive
  • Ultimaker Cleaning Filament (10 pcs)
  • Ultimaker Glue release tray
  • MFFF Ultimaker Academy (E-learning) courses
  • Debinding & Sintering(D&S) Voucher (for D&S up to 1 kg of parts)
  • Free Ultimaker Cura software with optimized metal part slicing features

BASF Forward AM Ultrafuse® 17-4 PH

BASF Forward AM Ultrafuse® 17-4 PH is an ideal stainless steel for high-strength and stiff parts. It is also capable of withstanding the harshest operating conditions thanks to its excellent corrosion and heat resistance.

These properties are achieved through a proven catalytic debinding and sintering process used for traditional metal injection molding.



Each Ultimaker Metal Expansion Kit includes a voucher toward post-processing your 3D print into a full metal part within 10 business days.

This is possible via BASF's network of certified debinding and sintering services. Via an online portal, you can book your part's post-processing on the calendar and check in on your part's progress at any time.



The Ultimaker Metal Expansion Kit unlocks extra features inside the Ultimaker Cura 5 engine.

These make metal print preparation simpler – automatically and accurately compensating for shrinkage that happens during sintering across all axes. You gain better control over your part and increased metal print success.



New to metal 3D printing? The Ultimaker Metal Expansion Kit gives every user access to an exclusive, 1-hour e-learning course.

Get step-by-step guidance through the full workflow. And learn to successfully create high-quality metal parts with an Ultimaker printer.

MFFF developemnts

Explore High-Strength Applications

The Ultimaker Metal Expansion Kit makes it easier, more efficient, and more affordable to create steel parts and tools.
Scroll down to see what's possible with metal 3D printing (MFFF)

Auxiliary Components

Non-critical parts sed in final products

Functional prototypes

Usable parts to test a concept or process


Custom metal devices for a specific function

Learn more

MFFF developemnts

Roundtable: Developments
in Metal FFF

Printing with metal in FFF has long been an area of high interest for 3D printing users. In this free webinar we dive in to the topic, exploring exciting new developments that are pushing the technology’s boundaries – as well as showing how the Ultimaker Metal Expansion Kit works.

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