Micro Swiss SLOTTED cooling block upgrade for Wanhao i3

$ 14.99

$ 14.99

This is redesigned cooling block for Wanhao i3 with the following improvements:

- Slotted Clamping system

- No set screw to ding and damage thermal tube

- Significantly better heat transfer (this is a big one!!!)

Easier disassemble and adjustments

- Precise control on bore diameter

- Made in USA by Micro Swiss


- Wanhao i3

- Wanhao i3 Plus

- Monoprice Maker Select 3D Printer v2

- Monoprice Maker Select Plus

- Cocoon Create 3D Printer

- This cooling block will work with original PTFE lined hotend, and with Micro Swiss MK10 Allmetal Hotend

Manufacturer's Part Numbers: M2562

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