Sinterit PA11 ESD FRESH Powder

$ 390.00

$ 390.00

PA11 ESD FRESH Powder 

Specialized PA11 material with heat resistance and ESD functionality. Bio-sourced nylon material. Dedicated for electrostatic safe parts for electronic and automotive industries.


  • ESD safe material
  • Better thermal properties
  • Dimension stability
  • Bio-sourced from castor oil
  • dedicated only for LISA Pro (requires a nitrogen chamber) and Sinterit Studio Profiles


  • electronic casing
  • test fixtures for electronics
  • fixtures for assembly of electronics
  • ATEX connectors and parts
  • fixtures for electrostatic dissipation
  • automotive parts
  • high-accuracy parts

Comes in 2kg (4 liters) plastic bottle .

  • Weight
     4.5 lbs
  • SKU
Category Powder for SLS printing
Material type Nylon 11
Packaging Plastic bottle
Colour Grey
Elongation at Break 27 [%]
Tensile Strength 46 / 50 [MPa] (tested on virgin powder)
Shore hardnes in scale D 76
Material refreshing ratio 60 [%] 
Dedicated for Lisa Pro

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