Shaper Plate

$ 375.00

$ 375.00


The universal template for Origin

Plate is a universal template designed to work in combination with Shaper Origin. It's a gamechanger when installing hardware, inlaying in slabs, corner rounding, routing system 32 holes in cabinetry, and much, much more. Designed to Integrate with ShaperHub’s Hardware Catalog – a collection of hundreds of vetted digital hardware files – Plate makes it easy to say goodbye to drawers full of hardware templates you may have lying around.

  • Cut with hundreds of digital hardware files from Hardware Catalog
  • Anti-slip backing
  • Ships with custom low-profile clamps and a custom systainer
  • Flexible alignment rails for use with custom fixtures
  • Flag and fence system to align virtually anywhere on your work surface

Endlessly Flexible

A universal template designed to install a wide range of hardware, inlay bow ties, round corners, route system 32 holes and so much more.

Hardware Installation

Inlays and Bowties

Edge Detailing

Precision Where You Need It

Align Plate to your workpiece and let Origin do the rest. Utilize hundreds of digital files available on ShaperHub.

One Template, Hundreds of Uses

Simplify your workflow and workspace with a single universal template



Quickly route 32 mm holes

Barbells and Bowties

Effortlessly patch slabs

Corner Rounding

No bulky templates required

Mark your Workpiece. Align Plate

Fast Setup
Mark your workpiece, then align plate using the Fence or Reticle.

Import from Hardware Catalog

Trusted Files
Search Hardware Catalog for the file you need, then sync to Shaper Origin at the touch of a button.

Cut with Origin

Localized Precision Cutting
Once Plate is aligned, cutting precise pockets or inlays is fast, simple, and easily repeatable.

Plate Annotations
Icon Domino

Built-in ShaperTape

Like Workstation, Plate is made with durable and reusable ShaperTape so you can scan once and reuse Plate again and again.

Icon Clamp

Low Profile Clamps

Two low profile clamps provide maximum cutting space and fixturing adaptability.

Icon Anti Slip

Built-in ShaperTape

Plate’s back side is covered in an anti-slip mat, making it easy to cut most jobs without needing to clamp Plate to your workpiece.

Icon System 32

Low Profile Clamps

Use the included System 32 pin to tile Plate in any direction while maintaining 32 mm hole spacing.

Included in the box

Included with Plate

1. Plate

The universal template and fixture for Origin

2. MINI-Systainer

Custom Systainer designed for Plate
Interlocking T-LOC system

3. Low Profile Clamps

Non-Marking Head, 60mm Throat
Use the clamps to secure Plate to your workpiece

4. System 32 Pin

Accurate 32 mm spacing

5. Leveling Feet

Support the corners of Plate when necessary



Quickly align Plate to the front edge of your workpiece using the Fence


Low Profile Clamps

Maximize your cutting space with Low-Profile Clamps for fixturing.



Use Plate's Reticle to align with a mark anywhere on your workpiece's surface.

Mortise Door Hinges

Mortise Door Hinges

Plate’s threaded rails make it easy to use with custom fixtures, like this door mortising jig.

flag alignment

Flag Alignment

Align Plate along the side or edge for maximum flexibility or when radiusing a corner.


Hardware Catalog

Utilize this collection of vetted hardware files found on ShaperHub.

plate dimensions

14.25 in

(362 mm)


17.7 in

(450 mm)


0.25 in

(6.45 mm)


4.5 lbs

(2.04 kg)


6.29 in

(160 mm)

Cut Window Width

4.72 in

(120 mm)

Cut Window Height

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