RoboticScan - Artec 3D Scanner

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Artec RoboticScan. A high precision automated 3D scanning station.

Introduce this automatic hands-free solution into your workflow to create thousands of accurate 3D models in the most timesaving and cost-efficient manner.

Discover a whole new way to scan objects with this revolutionary 3D scanning device, featuring the Artec Space Spider 3D scanner mounted to a UR3 robotic arm. Unlike the handheld 3D scanning devices that have to be operated manually, this 3D scanning arm not only captures data automatically, but also does it faster and more accurately than a person.

Automation eliminates the need for time-consuming manual labour. Thanks to the high degree repeatability of data capture, you can digitize large volumes of objects with great accuracy. A major asset to a wide range of applications, including quality control, e-commerce and interactive museum collections, RoboticScan provides greater control and faster results than manual 3D capture, and rules out the risk of human error.

 RoboticScan features two advanced operating modes

Intellectual autonomous scanning

RoboticScan performs intellectual path planning, analysing the surface of an object and making sure that all of the necessary data is captured to create a precise 3D model. If the scanner misses parts of the object’s surface, the software reroutes it to scan the required areas, ensuring that the whole object is captured in its entirety. The object is then automatically reconstructed and uploaded to the cloud by the software. This mode is especially useful when scanning large sets of objects of different shapes and sizes, like museum exhibits or archeological finds.

Programmable fixed trajectory capturing mode

This requires the operator to input information about the scanning path. Using the programed mode is a great solution for capturing predefined types of objects in large quantities, which is of particular benefit for applications such as quality control and taking measurements at production facilities, for example, on conveyor belts, where items need to be scanned precisely and in the shortest possible time.





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