Monocure TUFF™ Pro Crystal Clear Resin 1.25L

$ 150.00 $ 110.00

$ 110.00

Please welcome the newest member of the Monocure3D PRO Resin Range – meet TUFF™ Crystal Clear. This resin is based on our advanced TUFF™ formulation, giving the same incredible high tensile strength. Still, it boasts non-yellowing properties that allow for a high level of clarity through the printed model.

For the best results, use fresh ResinAway® for cleaning away any excess resin after printing, then post-cure gently using only a 405nm LED UV light source. We recommend using 15watt lights or less for around 5mins to keep the part as clear as possible. If extra strength is required, then you may need to increase your post-cure duration.

Our development team have created this unique material to remain rigid and hard, yet withstand high tensile pressure. The strength improves with the increased thickness of the printed part. For more delicate, thinner models, it is recommended to add FLEX100™ to increase the flexibility if required.

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