Modix- IDEX Calibration Tool

$ 200.00

$ 200.00

IDEX Calibration Tool

Achieving precise nozzle alignment is crucial for optimal IDEX printing, i.e. ensuring water-soluble filament does not mix with your main model. We’re excited to unveil a new hands-free calibration tool. It aligns each nozzle by engaging with the calibration tool from three angles, allowing the controller to accurately calculate offsets. This ensures reliable, high-quality multi-material printing every time. It will be offered as an add-on for owners of IDEX and later it will be part of the base IDEX offering.

The sensor is positioned and aligned with the help of the position bracket and attached to the bed with strong magnets so it will sit firmly while the nozzles touch from three directions to measure their offsets.

Notice: Estimated Ship Date- June/2024

The sensor in its resting. The offsets parameters are stored in the controller. The calibration routine is needed every time you replace a nozzle.

The IDEX calibration tool consists of two main parts, the electronic controller which serves also the rest point while not in use and the sensor.

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