Magigoo 3D XL Printer Bed Adhesion Solution -120ml

$ 47.00

$ 47.00

Magigoo is your one solution for bed adhesion! Designed to address the first layer not sticking problem, Magigoo ensures strong adhesion to the hot plate. Provides great 3D printer bed adhesion for all materials - Now available in an XL bottle! 120 ml lasting you more than 200 prints!


Magigoo is the easy, no-mess solution born from the frustration almost all 3D printer enthusiasts face; bed adhesion problems, 3D prints stuck to the bed, and warped first layers. The folks at Magigoo have created the easiest, no-mess product on the market to help you overcome all three of these problems! Not only will your 3D prints stick every time, but there is also no smell, it’s completely safe for the environment, and it cleans up quick and easy with only water or a damp cloth. You won’t need a spatula to remove your creations, and one 120 ml tube will easily last you over 200 prints!

Non-Toxic and Odorless

The Magigoo stick won’t stink up your workspace with nasty chemicals.

Easy to Apply and Easy to Remove Prints

Just brush it on the bed, and let it dry. 3D Prints adhere tight, but removal is quick and easy.


You can get over 100 applications from one 50ml tube of Magigoo.

Use on any Material

It doesn’t matter if you’re using PLA, ABS, PETG and more - Magigoo works for them all

Easy Clean-Up

Magigoo cleans up with just a damp cloth or water!

How to Use

- Shake the bottle

- Apply to the desired area by pressing the nib on the bed (activates the inner valve)

- Print according to filament / printer manufacturer recommendation

- Allow to cool and remove. The print should pop right off

- Clean using a damp cloth


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