Lulzbot HS Tool Head - 2.85 mm - Hardened Steel - 0.8 mm

$ 425.00

$ 425.00

The LulzBot HS Tool Head is purpose-built for high-strength 3D printing applications utilizing durable industrial composites and is ideal for engineers needing strong parts and faster printing times.  The ability to create functional jigs, fixtures, and prototypes on-site in a matter of hours significantly reduces lead time and cost.


The LulzBot HS Tool Head features a genuine E3D Titan Aero Extruder/E3D Volcano Heater Block with a Hardened Steel 0.80 millimeter nozzle capable of printing high-strength composite polymers! This tool head is compatible with the LulzBot Mini 2, TAZ Workhorse and TAZ Pro 3D printers. LulzBot Mini 1, TAZ 5 & TAZ 6 users can add this tool head with the TAZ 5/6 Universal Tool Head Adapter and the Mini 1 Universal Tool Head Adapter.

A high-output centrifugal fan and quad-port cooling duct support elaborate prints with extensive bridging, cooling filament in 360-degrees before it has time to sag between points.

The Universal Mounting System makes swapping tool heads easy, you'll have the right tool head for the right job installed in minutes.


  • LulzBot Mini v2.0, Boxed for Retail, NA
  • LulzBot TAZ 3D Printer, Pro Boxed for Retail, NA
  • LulzBot TAZ 3D Printer, Workhorse, Boxed for Retail, NA

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