Harz Labs Dental Cast Cherry Resin - 1kg

$ 118.00

$ 118.00

Dental Cast

Designed for printing models, used for direct casting. Zero ash content and ready to use in shock cycles makes it possible to obtain high quality castings. (Product may ship in either red or Cherry. Same chemical composition)

HARZ Labs Cast Resin is excellent for direcr casting of dental implants like metal and ceramic crowns and bridges. Almost zero ash content (less than 0.1%) and thermoplastics properties makes the resin suitable for direct casting.

The resin was designed to burn out in a quick cycle at high temperature to reduce electricity costs and the production time of metal and ceramic implants.

To obtain the best quality surface from casting, we recommended the use of phosphate-based investments like Speedvest, Yeti Expansion, Bellavest and others, that can operate at high temperatures

Zero Ash Content

Close to zero ash content (<0.1%) and high strength makes it possible to cast precise metal and ceramic products


Provides high precistion printing and fitting after casting


Resin does not contain solvents and volatile monomers, irritating compounds. No fumes, odor and allergic reaction


Thermoplastic behavior of the resin provides melting in wide temperature window (250-300°C) to give very smooth surface of casted models and no influence on investment. 30 minute in quick cycle at 950°C in enough for complete burn-out

Compatible Printers


Appearance: Colored transparent liquid

Color: Red

Odor: Low

Viscosity according to Brookfield: 0.2-0.4 Pa*s

Hardness Shore D: 40-50


Ash Content:<0.1%

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Dental Cast MSDS

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