Tethon 3D - Ferrolite Iron Resin – 1 Liter

$ 995.00

$ 995.00

Tethon 3D Ferrolite Iron Resin, 1 Liter

A UV curable resin containing iron.  In the green state, directly from the 3D printer, the printed object is a magnetically receptive iron polymer composite.  Upon sintering, the printed object is 100% iron and not magnetically receptive.

Open Ferrolite User Guideline here.

A UV curable iron resin for SLA or DLP 3D printing.  In the green state, the printed object is a magnetically receptive iron polymer composite.  Upon sintering, the printed object is 100% iron and not magnetically receptive.

 Ferrolite is a photo-curable iron resin that is ferromagnetic in the green unfired state. Ferrolite
transitions into a fully metal iron part during sintering and is similar to a cast iron object. The
parts can be polished to a shiny finish in the sintered or non-sintered states.

Pre-print preparation

Use a dedicated build plate and resin tray for Ferrolite. Do not mix with other resins.
Coarse, rough build plates and supports designed with flat bases assist with build plate

Printing Guidelines

- Shake or mix Ferrolite before each use. Ferrolite will gel when not mixed. Gently stir Ferrolite
and it will become a smooth liquid.
- Extend the exposure time duration for the first 10 - 50 layers. This helps with part adhesion to
the build plate. The exposure settings will be longer than normal during the entire print. Use the
longest exposure times the printer allows for pre set settings. Some experimentation for
settings will be required.
- Some machines may require up to 60 seconds for the first 50 layers for the best build plate
- Ferrolite resins should be printed at room temperature. Heating is not recommend unless the
viscosity is too high for the printer. Keep the printing temperature as close to 24*C as possible.
Do not exceed 50*C.


Recommended Hardware for 3D printing Ferrolite  

3D printers most suited for Ferrolite printing have a slide separation mechanism for layer separation with a wiper bar or resin mixer during printing.

Post print process

- Use standard guidelines for part removal from the build plate and supports.

- Wash in an ultrasonic cleaner to remove excess resins. Use IPA as solvent to remove excess
- Make sure that all uncured resin is removed from the interior and exterior. Any resin that
remains can cause cracks during sintering. Post UV curing ensures that all the resin is cured. A
second wash after Post UV curing can help remove bits of resin.
- Use dedicated cleaning equipment for Ferrolite. Do not clean other prints with Ferrolite.

Sintering Schedule
Ferrolite is sintered in an oxidized environment with ventilation to the outside. Do not sinter
Ferrolite parts with other non Ferrolite objects.

1. Ramp 25*C to 240*C, hold for 6 hours
2. Ramp 50*C to 650*C, hold for 15 minutes
3. Ramp 135*C per hour to 1100*C, hold for 1 hour

Shrinkage will occur during sintering. Average shrinkage is 6% at 1100*C with a one hour hold.
To achieve uniform shrinkage it’s best to have uniform wall thicknesses throughout the entire
object. An object with variable wall thicknesses may not shrink uniformly


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