E3D v6 Gold HotEnd Full Kit - 1.75mm (24V)

$ 94.98

$ 94.98

To celebrate the E3D V6’s third birthday we wanted to do something special to show off the HotEnd that spawned a whole ecosystem. More than just bling, the Gold edition V6 has been upgraded with some of the very best components available from E3D, at a lower price point than purchasing components individually. We upgraded the following stock components for the best we sell in order to create the bacon of HotEnds:

Golden Heat Sink
We’ve binged up the heat sink with gold anodizing, so that everyone can see from 10 yards away that you are a fancy individual who will only accept the best of the best in HotEnd technology..

Heater Block
We’ve switched the aluminium heater block for a plated copper-alloy block, again increasing heat transfer to the filament and reducing the chance of filament goo sticking to it. This reduces the need for a sock, so that you can show off the shiny engraving.

The standard brass nozzle has been swapped in favor of hardened steel. Whereas brass nozzles can be worn down and even ruined by abrasive materials, hardened steel will last a lifetime. If you print with carbon fiber, filled filaments, or even glow in the dark filament then these nozzles are a must.

Heater Cartridge
We’ve swapped standard heaters for our upcoming high precision, quick release heater cartridges. Spot-on physical dimensions and electrical specifications guarantee perfect performance. Quick release also makes tinkering with your HotEnd a doddle.

Fan Duct
A clear, moulded plastic fan duct shows off the beautiful golden heatsink to its very best.

PTFE Guide
We’ve upgraded the standard PTFE guide to High Tolerance Capricorn PTFE Tubing. This new bowden tubing has a tight diameter and much-reduced friction, giving smoother, more accurate extrusion.

What's in the box?

Metal Parts
1 x Special Edition Gold Anodised Heatsink
1 x 1.75mm Stainless Steel Heat Break
1 x 1.75mm x 0.4mm Hardened Steel V6 Nozzle
1 x Plated copper Heater Block

1 x Thermistor Cartridge
1 x 30x30x10mm fan (12V or 24V)
2 x Connector Cable
1 x 30W High Precision Heater Cartridge (12V or 24V)
1 x Fibreglass Insulated Heater Connector Cable

1 x Fan Duct
1 x Silicone Sock
1 x Thermal Compound Sachet
1 x Fixings Kit
800mm x High Tolerance PTFE
Collet Clip

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