polySpectra COR Alpha Photopolymer Resin for 385nm DLP 3D Printers

$ 299.00

$ 299.00

COR Alpha is the most rugged photopolymer resin on the market. What do we mean by rugged? 

  • Unparalleled impact resistance (un-notched IZOD >800 J/m)
  • Very high working temperature (glass transition >150 °C)
  • Best-in-class ductility (> 20% elongation at break)
  • Extreme chemical resistance, including 10-100x lower moisture absorption than typical photopolymer resins
  • Grade 0 Cytotoxicity (ISO 10993-5)

COR Alpha is the most rugged photopolymer on the market


Important Notice: COR Alpha photopolymer resin is intended for use by trained additive manufacturing professionals working in industrial, manufacturing, and laboratory facilities. At this time, we discourage printing with COR in home or office environments. We reserve the right to cancel your resin purchase if you cannot meet the safety requirements. 

Please Review All of the Requirements Before Placing Your Order

Facilities Requirements:

  • Well-ventilated print and part-cleaning areas
  • Chemical waste disposal (for used resin and used part-cleaning solution)

Equipment Requirements:

  • Printer Ventilation:A well-ventilated 385nm DLP 3D printer
    • Refrigerated Storage:A refrigerator or freezer to store resin below 5 °C
      • Please note to refrigerate on arrival
    • Warm Before Printing: An oven or warm water bath to warm the resin to 40 °C
    Ventilated Cleaning Area:  A well-ventilated area to clean parts Post-Curing Oven: A vacuum oven, or exploratory post-cure unitCOR Alpha can be cured in a consumer microwave using polySpectra waveCure

    PPE Requirements:

    • Read the SDS
    • Nitrile gloves
    • Safety glasses
    • Lab coat
    • Long pants
    • Close-toed shoes

    Training Requirements:

    • Trained additive manufacturing professional
    • Experience in the safe operation of SLA/DLP/LCD resin 3D printers
    • Training in the cleaning, post-curing, and finishing of printed parts
    • Training in the proper handling of resin, cleaning solvents, and chemical waste

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