Brilliance Laser Inks Liquid-Ready Laser Marking Powder

$ 29.95

$ 29.95
  • HIGH QUALITY BLACK MARK-BLI101MBLIQ120 is a general purpose laser marking black ink to create high quality permanent black mark on variety of different metals.
  • This is an exceptionally adaptable product and is recommended for almost any metal.
  • Dries Quickly.
  • Best results if marked shortly after application when dry.
  • Extremely easy to wash off after laser marking.
  • Please inquire/search (Laser Metal Spray CO2" if Spray Cans ink is required.
  • Apply quick and easy just like a paint can, no special training required.
  • Coverage (25%more than Competition)
DIRECTIONS: Use a clean marking surface, free of oil and grease. Add denatured alcohol as directed. Gently stir the mixture while adding. SHAKE WELL, apply on surface and mark with laser. Remove excess with water and wipe clean. ADD ALCOHOL, FILL UP TO THE INDICATED LINE AND STIR WELL, APPLY WITH THE BRUSH INCLUDED OR PURCHASE A PREVAL PROPELLANT TO CONVERT INTO A SPRAY SYSTEM ( PREVAL SYSTEM IS AVAILABLE INTERNATIONALLY SOLD SEPARATELY)

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