Ultimaker NFC CPE Copolyester Filament - Black 2.85mm (750g)

$ 59.95

$ 59.95
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Ultimaker CPE family

CPE (copolyester) materials are chemical resistant, tough and demonstrate good dimensional stability. It is a preferred choice for both functional prototypes and mechanical parts. While both CPE and CPE+ provide similar performance characteristics, CPE+ provides the added benefit of higher temperature resistance and increased impact strength.

Reasons to choose Ultimaker CPE

Product designers use CPE to make extremely tough and dimensionally stable functional prototypes.

- Excellent chemical resistance

- Excellent toughness and dimensional stability

- Good interlayer adhesion, especially when printing with an enclosed front

- Low levels of ultrafine particles (UFPs) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

- Ideal for short run manufacturing and functional prototypes

- Transparent option available





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