BCN3D PP GF30 Filament - 700g - Black
BCN3D PP GF30 Filament - 700g - Black

BCN3D PP GF30 Filament - 700g - Black


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PP GF30 (Polypropylene 30% glass fibre) is a composite filament, filled with glass fibre for chemically resistant, lightweight and dimensionally stable parts. It is amongst the most used filled materials in the automotive industry, characterised by a long service life and able to resist to all weather conditions.

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  • Parts exposed to aggressive and humid environments or in contact with chemicals.
  • Rigid structural elements such as brackets, bars, shafts and frames.
  • Automotive and aerospace industry.
Casco Use Case
BCN3D Filaments

BCN3D Filaments

Industrial-grade materials manufactured by BASF and Mitsubishi Chemical and designed to deliver outstanding results for BCN3D printers.


  • Combination of excellent chemical resistance, strength and stiffness.
  • Lightweight.
  • Water and UV resistant.
  • Resistant to aggressive environments and high temperature, up to 120 ºC.


Technical Information


Chemical resistance

Due to its chemical composition, each thermoplastic polymer is characterised by a different resistance to the different classes of chemicals, including apparently harmless substances such as food and cleaning products.

How to Print

Printer Settings

extruder temp icon

Extruder temp.

230° C - 250° C

Bed temp icon

Bed temp.

80° C

cooling fan icon

Cooling fan


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layer height icon

Min. layer height


For BCN3D Stratos users:

Get a proper printing profile for PP GF30 using the ones integrated into the BCN3D Stratos.

Bed adhesion:

To ensure good bed adhesion use Magigoo Pro PPGF.


Compatible with BCN3D Epsilon when paired with the Hotend X.


Hose nozzle

Hose nozzle

Parts printed in PP GF30 withstand the harshest environments, keeping their shape and functionality

Climbing Dams

Climbing Dams

When printing structural parts, choose PP GF30 for greatest durability and weather resistance.


Resistance to aggressive environments, humidity and high pressure

PP GF30 is ideal to manufacture rigid and strong parts used in aggressive environments.


Product design end-use parts

The use of PPGF GF30 was employed for the manufacturing of the fender; one of the pieces most prone to breaking from shocks and frictions. The material, capable of withstanding such movements, is also beneficial because it is lighter than PAHT and the fender is the largest piece.