BCN3D PET-G Filament - Black
BCN3D PET-G Filament - Black

BCN3D PET-G Filament - Black


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PET-G (Polyethylene terephthalate glycol-modified) is a polyester thermoplastic characterised by a good balance of tensile strength and elongation at break. Its high resistance to water and chemicals makes it the material of choice for water-tight containers and protective cases.

PET-G is a versatile technical material, as easy to print as PLA, but with an improved balance of mechanical, chemical and thermal properties.

Compatibility: Find out the BCN3D printers and filaments compatibility


  • Parts in contact with salts, acids and alkalis
  • Functional prototypes and mechanical parts
  • Waterproof applications
  • Structural parts subject to mild stress
  • Snap-fit joints
  • Commonly used in beverage bottles
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BCN3D Filaments

BCN3D Filaments

Industrial-grade materials manufactured by BASF and Mitsubishi Chemical and designed to deliver outstanding results for BCN3D printers.

Filament Spool


  • Resistance to corrosive chemicals
  • Good balance of strength, impact resistance and elongation at break
  • Great dimensional stability and toughness
  • Good glossy surface quality
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Water and moisture barrier
  • Withstand operating temperatures up to 70°C
  • Low rate of ultrafine particles (UFP) and volatile organic compounds (VOC)
  • Compatible with PVA supports


Technical Information


Good balance of strength and ductility

PET-G parts are as strong as those made with PLA but offer a better mechanical profile. PET-G is not brittle, which means that it will not snap abruptly if pulled or bended, on the contrary, it will progressively bend and stretch until reaching it maximum elongation limit of 23%.

How to Print

Printer Settings

extruder temp icon

Extruder temp.

240° C - 260° C

Bed temp icon

Bed temp.

90° C

cooling fan icon

Cooling fan


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layer height icon

Min. layer height


For BCN3D Stratos users:

Get a proper printing profile for PET-G using the ones integrated into the BCN3D Stratos.

Bed adhesion:

To ensure good bed adhesion use Magigoo.


Enclosure is recommended for BCN3D Sigma and Sigmax printers.



Resistant to chemicals and humidity

PET-G is highly resistant to chemicals and humidity, which allows for disinfection and cleaning without losing its mechanical properties to hydroalcoholic solutions.


Fast Tooling

Use it to fast-track the manufacture of jigs and fixtures for your production chain.


Mechanical parts

PET-G is ideal for end-use parts demanding mechanical and thermal properties.