Bambu Lab P1S Heatsink for MC Board

$ 10.00

$ 10.00

P1S Heatsink for MC Board


The P1S Heatsink for MC Board serves the purpose of dissipating heat generated by the MC board. The P1S heatsink is horizontal oriented to work with the control board fan for heat dissipation.

It is also compatible with the P1P 3D Printer and can be used as an upgrade part, if you wish to enclose the printer and add an MC Board fan.

In the Box:

- Heatsink X 1

- Silicone Glue X 1

- Screws X 2


P1 Series

Product Specifications:

Materials: Metal
Packaging Weight: 40 kg
Color: Grey
Packaging Size: 105*54*33 mm

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