Infinite Material Solutions Filament - AquaSys® 120 1.75mm (500g)

$ 100.00

$ 100.00

Infinite Material Solutions AquaSys® 120
Water-Soluble Support Filament

1.75mm 500g

A high performance, water-soluble support filament that’s unmatched in the industry. Designed for manufacturers looking to 3D print more parts in less time, it dissolves rapidly in warm tap water—all while giving engineering-grade build materials and complex designs the high-quality support they need.

Features and Benefits

- Worry-Free Compatibility: Works extremely well with ABS, PC/ABS, nylon, TPU, CPE,
PC, and PP filament
- Design Freedom: Adheres to other 3D printing materials, giving you a better print quality, and supporting complex geometries, including cavities, voids, and 45° angles
- High-Quality Stability: Great stability in higher printing temperatures, allowing for better printing results
- Faster Removal: Dissolves up to 6x faster than other BVOH or polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) support materials
- Complete Solubility: Water-soluble filament dissolves in warm water – no solvents needed, no more removing supports
- Environmentally Conscious: Smart for the environment and nontoxic
- Reduces Post-Processing: Leaves behind an excellent surface finish

Printing Parameters

Pathway temperature: Keep the filament below 80°C prior to extrusion. Material that sits idle at temperatures of 80°C or above for extended periods of time prior to extrusion will not extrude properly. Nozzle temperature: 230-245°C

Build plate requirements: AquaSys filaments will adhere to a wide range of build plate materials. If poor adhesion is persistent, increase the temperature of the build plate, but not past the maximum build plate temperature of 120°C.

Adhesives: Glue is not necessary if you use a raft made out of AquaSys 120. Follow your printer model’s material guidelines when printing a raft with another material.

FDM 3D printing material. Pair AquaSys 120 with any of the following: ABS, PC/ABS, Nylon, TPU, CPE, PC, and PP.

Technical Specifications

- TDS Available
- MSDS Available
- Dimensions: 13 x 12 x 4 mm
- Weight: 2.3 kg
- Extruder Temperature: 220 - 245° C
- Build Plate Temperature: Up to RT-130° C
- Chamber Temperature: 80-120° C

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