3D Potter 4000 ml Linear Actuator Ram

$ 3,850.00

$ 3,850.00

3D Potter 4000 ml Linear Actuator Ram

The 4000ml extruder is the highest volume extruder lineup. This extruder was designed to have the ability to print larger objects on the 3D PotterBot 9 XL. It is also ideal for use with robotic arms.

The 4000ml extruder is driven by a large closed loop hybrid stepper motor with a 0.625” Acme screw (larger than our 0.5” screw used on our 1000ml and 2000ml). This is a much more robust drive system compared to the 2000ml extruder. It's also capable of extruding thicker clay or paste at a much higher rate then the 4000ml. With a larger tube and the larger nozzle outlet, it is capable of larger-diameter nozzles up to .5" (12.75mm).

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Linear RAM package includes:
- Extruder Assembly
- 2 poly-carbonate 4000 ml tubes
- Acme screw driver tool for fast loading/unloading
- Wire connector for motor
- Syringe with white lithium grease
- 4 nozzles: 3, 4, 5, and 6 millimeter
- Extra screws
- Extra seal
- Power supply with connector

When fully loaded with clay, extruder weight is ~30lb.

Please note, due the heavy weight while being fully loaded (with clay) we do not recommend use of this product on the Scara V4. The 9 XXL is our only model of printer than can handle this weight reliably.

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