3D Potter 3600 ml Linear Actuator Ram

$ 3,300.00

$ 3,300.00

3D Potter 3600 ml Linear Actuator Ram

The 3600ml extruder, designed to be used with the 3D PotterBot Scara V4, comes with two 3.75” diameter poly-carbonate tubes. The 3600ml extruder is similar to the 4000ml, but its main purpose is for the Scara V4.

The 3600ml extruder is driven by a large closed loop hybrid stepper motor with a 0.625” Acme screw (larger than the 0.5” screw used on 3D Potter's 1000ml and 2000ml). This is a much more robust drive system compared to the 2000ml extruder. It's also capable of extruding thicker clay or paste at a much higher rate than the 2000ml. With a larger tube and the larger nozzle outlet, it is capable of larger-diameter nozzles up to .5" (12.75mm).

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Linear RAM package includes:
- Extruder Assembly
- 2 poly-carbonate 3600 ml tubes
- Acme screw driver tool for fast loading/unloading
- Wire connector for motor
- Syringe with white lithium grease
- 4 nozzles: 3, 4, 5, and 6 millimeter
- Extra screws
- Extra seal
- Power supply with connector

When fully loaded with clay, extruder weight is ~27lb.

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