#203Z .25" Zirconium Nitride Coated Flat Stub Cutter

$ 45.00

$ 45.00

These coated flat endmills are perfect for cutting aluminum. They have a ZrN coating which provides a better finish, longer lifespan, and a superior cut compared to a non-coated endmill. 

This cutter has a shorter flute length to provide greater rigidity and less chatter when cutting.  In addition, the shank above the cutter is relieved so that it won't rub on the workpiece when cutting deeper than the flutes.

Cutter Specs:

  • Cutting Diameter: .250"

  • Cutting Length: .375"

  • Shank Diameter: .250"

  • 3 Flute, center cutting

  • 2.250" Overall Length

  • Corner Radius: .005"

Pricing is per cutter; sold individually.

All of our cutters are manufactured here in the US and begin life as a blank of US carbide.  There's nothing imported here!

* Note: If you have or are purchasing a Nomad, please be sure you are purchasing a .25" collet and nut to be able to use these cutters. 

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